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Who We Are

At Apple Tree we believe that humans reach their greatest learning potential and find their best selves when they have a personal and passionate connection with art, science, music, and history. We believe that kids naturally want to learn, and that learning happens best when their basic physical and emotional needs are met. We have created Apple Tree as a space where curiosity rules and true learning begins.

We strive to create safe, rich, respectful spaces for kids and families. Kids at Apple Tree learn that their feelings and thoughts are valid and true. They learn to think for themselves and make their own decisions. They are encouraged to take chances and try new things. They have latitude to experiment and to succeed or fail in an environment that feels safe to them.  We provide guidance and support to help kids carry out their ideas, while they do the actual work. More often than not, adults are expected to facilitate activities rather than direct them or structure them.  

Kids (and adults) in groups inevitably develop tensions and conflicts. At Apple Tree we empower kids to solve their own conflicts and maintain positive control over their behavior. Our staff and members work together to foster a culture of mutual respect. As members of a community we work to share space equitably and invite others to participate with us. 

All children are entitled to a pleasant and safe environment while participating in our programs. The core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, caring and trust will be used at Apple Tree. 

We expect children, volunteers and parents to:

  • Treat themselves and others with respect.

  • Be responsible for personal choices.

  • Contribute positively to groups in which they participate.

  • Use and develop communication skills to the best of their ability.

Apple Tree programs are community focused. We are building a community of trust, respect and safety. If a child is displaying behavior which is considered to be unsafe or creates an issue that affects the ability of any member to peacefully enjoy or contribute to the community, we will follow up with the parent or guardian about the issue by phone or in person. It is always our preference to find solutions with input from, and communication with, members and their families.

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