Covid Schooling

The Apple Tree Tutoring Program:

Students meet with a tutor for one hour a week in person or through Google Meetings. Additional sessions can be added if necessary.

Apple Tree On-Site Programs:

Students attend Apple Tree from 8:00am - 12:00pm OR 8am - 3:30pm on "regularly scheduled" school days to receive academic support with their online classes and participate in creative activities. Please plan to pack a lunch/snacks for your child.

We know that many working parents are looking for safe options for their students while they attend online school and recognize that home-schoolers and other groups are seeking ways to get social interaction back in their kids’ lives.


Apple Tree is committed to protecting the safety of our staff and members. Please let us know what your needs are so that we can serve you in the best way possible.

See what you can learn at Apple Tree!

Whether you're looking for an educational after school program every day, a place to learn a few days a week, or only when we're offering a program you are interested in, we have a membership that will work for you!

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