Who We Are

Apple Tree Community Center provides a rich, supportive environment for children and families.  We focus on building a community that values, respects, and serves a wide range of individuals, including those who are not well served by existing institutions.  Kids are surrounded by books and beads, fabric and food, plants and paint, costumes and computers, Legos and lizards. They can chill in a quiet corner, make art, start a board game, or build a robot.  Activities are designed to spark each child’s imagination, develop life-long positive values, foster creative learning, and encourage positive decision making.

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two beardie babies_edited

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Games with chess
Games with chess

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Our Programs

Apple Tree offers a variety of programs tailored to support kids and families. We strive to offer a wide range of activities in a community environment. Our facility includes resources for arts and crafts, a varied library, board games, music, gardening, food preparation (and eating!), science exploration, 3D printing, Legos, Lego robotics, Bearded Dragons, and more. Our programs include Homeschool, Afterschool, and Apple Tree Summer.

Apple Tree Afterschool

At Apple Tree Afterschool, youth grades 1 through 8 participate in a balanced program of open choice learning and structured activities. Every activity is carefully designed to spark your child's imagination and encourage lifelong positive values. 

Apple Tree Afterschool staff members offer youth a unique mix of activities that focus on developmental assets, which are the building blocks that teach children how to make positive decisions. Common activities include:

  • Arts and crafts projects

  • LEGO Robotics and basic programming

  • Board games and group activities

  • Caring for bearded dragons

  • 3D printing

  • Music

  • Gardening

  • Helping to prepare food

Children at Apple Tree Afterschool have a lot of freedom to explore and learn, with staff members there to guide them.

From 3:30 until 5:30, Monday through Friday. The program follows the

Lincoln County School District's calendar and adjusts for holidays and early release days based on the calendar.

Apple Tree Homeschool/Online School

At Apple Tree Homeschool / Online School, homeschool and online school youth have the opportunity to participate in curricula or activities provided by their parents or their school, and also to use the wide variety of resources available at Apple Tree, including schoolwork assistance. Homeschool and online school kids are welcome to stay for the Afterschool program for no extra charge, as long as there are vacant spaces.

Available year-round, from 9:00 until 2:30.

Apple Tree Summer

At Apple Tree Summer we offer full-day and half-day programs with focused, thematic projects and activities, as well as lots of free time to play and enjoy the company of other kids. Each week will feature a different theme. Kids may also choose their own projects, with staff support.

We are  from 8:30 until 5:30, with morning and afternoon activities. Kids may sign up for individual activities, half days, full days. Drop-ins accepted. space permitting. Apply here.

Applications and Additional Info

Here you can download the Apple Tree Membership Application and the Apple Tree Family Handbook. Send in the Membership Application if you'd like to enroll in a program at Apple Tree. The Family Handbook is full of useful information, expanding on what you've read on this website.

Contact Us
Contact Us

Have a question about membership or our programs? Send us an email!  You can also contact us here for information about renting or using our space for community meetings. 

Apple Tree is a community focused collaboration, let us know if there are any programs you would like us to offer.

1605 North Coast Highway, Newport, OR, 97365
541-272-5141  (office)

Thanks! Message sent.

Program Assistants Wanted!

Apple Tree is currently hiring qualified Program Assistants to work with students. Program Assistants will support students while they attend on-line school, hybrid school, or homeschool. The kids at Apple Tree do classwork, homework, art, science, robotics, nature programs, and more, depending on their personal needs. You can see the full job announcement and position description here.