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Program Elements

Members may take advantage of Apple Tree services and space in ways that work for them. We are flexible, and Apple Tree exists to meet families’ needs that are not being met elsewhere. We do a one-on-one orientation with each member to ensure needs are well met. Following are many of the services and activities we offer.

Meals & Snacks

At Apple Tree we like to eat well!  Snacks are available throughout the day. When we have breakfast or lunch kids are encouraged to help in preparation. Variety is a keyword, and we strive to have something a little different every day. We are sensitive to allergies and the dietary needs of our members. Parents and children are asked to make us aware of any allergies or sensitivities so that we can properly accommodate these needs.

Field Trips

A 10-minute walk away, we have a large park with two baseball fields, tennis courts, and a playground with slides, monkey bars, and other equipment. We go there to play kickball and soccer, play with gliders and other flying things, and sometimes just sit in the sun and snack. Trips to the park usually give us a couple of hours of outdoor time when the weather is good.  We look forward to adding field trips or other off-campus adventures. These will be announced to parents and youth as plans develop.

Gross Motor Activities

Even when the weather is bad, kids still need to move. Apple Tree is fortunate in having extra space for our kids. There are several large open areas that we use for gross motor activities.

Activities like Obstacle Courses, Musical Chairs, Dance Parties, Freeze Tag, and Yoga offer kids the opportunity to move and play at the same time. We also include a number of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) games, which are physical and help our members relate with one another.

Critter Care

Apple Tree is the proud home of various cool critters at any given time. We've cared for and bred walking sticks, caterpillars, praying mantises, bearded dragons, and steelhead trout. We love exploring nature and watching things grow. Feeding and caring for our animals teaches empathy and gives our members the opportunity to bond with living creatures in a unique and relaxing way.

Computer Lab

Many families struggle with finding a balance between limiting screen time and giving their kids the opportunity to develop technological skills and enjoy their favorite games. At Apple Tree we encourage our members to do non-screen activities first, then enjoy computer-related activities such as drawing programs, 3D printing, programming, and Lego robotics. In addition, our members also love limited gaming opportunities with their friends, usually in Minecraft. Our computers are always available as tools for homework, online learning, and special projects.


We love all kinds of games. Sorry, Monopoly, and Uno are everyday favoritesBoard games like Sorry or Monopoly, card games like Uno or War, word games like Scattergories, imagination games like Dixit, balance games like Jenga or Suspend, Charades. We can spend hours sitting around the table playing games.

Arts & Crafts

We have a full art studio, paints and brushes, craft supplies, beads, fabric, origami and more. We also have basic hand tools; screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, drills and saws.


Plant seeds, water plants indoors and out, paint flower pots, watch things grow, eat them.  We even have plans to make a worm farm and learn about composting!


Our Quiet Room isn’t always so quiet when we get the keyboard, piano, guitars, and drums going! Talk to us if you want music lessons!


We have a library of several thousand books ranging from early readers to young adult, to adult non-fiction, and including reference materials and how-to books for art, photography, engineering, and acting. We have field guides to animals, real and fantastic.


Legos are one of the most open-ended educational toys on the planet! They are a basis for imaginative play, fine motor skill development, visual discrimination, 3D visualization, patience, and just plain fun. Kids can play with Legos for hours on end! We also have PlusPlus, K’nex, Erector Set.

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics are very different from regular Legos. They take specific building skills, the ability to follow detailed instructions, learning a simple programming language, and the ability to go back and forth between the mechanical build and the program to achieve a goal. This could be simple, like  making a robot drive in a circle and bark like a dog, or complicated, like navigating an obstacle course or doing specific tasks in a set period of time. If we get enough interest we can form a First Lego League Team to do this year’s challenge, including a competition in December. There are even Lego robots that play guitar or solve Rubic’s Cubes, but we haven’t built any of them. Yet.

3D Printing

Make an actual physical object from a computer file. We have lots of dragons, unicorns, and Pokemon, but also puzzle boxes, towel racks, and everything you need to 3D print your own Nerf blaster.

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