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On-Site Programs
We are currenty adapting our programs to serve hybrid schooling. Many kids are here three days a week, and at school for two.  Call for more information.  
More program descriptions to come. Meanwhle, look at some of the things we have to offer!

Mail Applications/Payments to: 

Apple Tree Community Center

1605 N Coast Hwy

Newport, OR 97365

or email them to:

Gathering Information
Apple Tree is working hard to determine the best way to support our Members through the pandemic. We are constantly gathering information concerning the needs in our community. We know that many working parents are looking for safe options for their on-line schoolers and recognize that home-schoolers and other groups are seeking ways to get social interaction back in their kids’ lives.
Apple Tree is committed to protecting the safety of our staff and members. Please let us know what your needs are so that we can determine the best way to incorporate safety standards into our programs and scheduling in a way that will serve your needs in the best way possible. The  information you provide will help us bring the best programs possible to our community.
Programs for Kids

During normal times, Apple Tree provides space and resources for kids to enjoy without their parents present. We’re not a school or a child care center, rather we are what’s called a Recorded Program, a designation of the State of Oregon. This designation comes with a few important requirements, including background checks on all adults interacting with youth during Recorded Program hours. 


During the pandemic there are significant limitations in place designed to prevent the spread of covid-19. Social distancing, masks, increased sanitation, and limits on group size and required. Importantly, we are required to build “Cohorts”. Cohorts are stable groups of up to 24 kids who, once attending, commit to attending only with that group. Cross-over between groups is not permitted. 


To build successful cohorts, we need details from parents and kids. Are you looking for social/play time for your children? Need a specific schedule while you work? Looking to have your child supervised while on-line schooling? Does your child have friends or family they’d like to be grouped with? The more information we have up front, the better!

Programs for Families

When parents come into Apple Tree with their kids, it’s not part of our Recorded Program, but we still have social distancing and group size limits to consider. Our regular Community Builder program offers up our world-class facility for Families, Individuals, Homeschoolers and Volunteers, who want to play, learn, and create, independently or with others. Members are responsible for their own activities and supervision, and are welcome to schedule time with staff to learn about our on-site activities and resources.


During normal operation we offer Community Builder gatherings for specific groups and activities. We’re not yet sure what this will look like in the near future. Right now, in-depth support from staff on things like 3-D printing and robotics is offered to members for an additional fee on a case by case basis. Advance scheduling is required during the pandemic. 

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