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Apple Tree Membership Types

Download and Print your Membership Application. Email it to, or schedule an appointment by calling 541-272-5141 or texting 541-961-9487

Apple Tree

Community Builders are the cornerstone of Apple Tree. We welcome Homeschoolers and Volunteers, Indviduals and families, adults and kids. Community Builders have access to our rich space, tools ,and materials. Do you have a sewing project? Want to do some beading? Painting? Teaching? Gardening? Become a Community Builder.

At Apple Tree Afterschool, youth grades 3 through 8 participate in a balanced program of open choice learning and structured activities. Every activity is designed to spark your child's imagination and encourage lifelong positive values. Apple Tree Afterschool staff members ensure that your child is offered a unique mix of activities focusing on developmental assets that are the building blocks of positive decision-making.

For small businesses and organizations looking for meeting and work space and community resources.


Homeschoolers are Community Builders. We offer homeschooling support for students and families through our wide range of educational resources and activities. Homeschool hours are daily, 9:30 to 3:00 (2:00 on Wednesdays). Plans are individualized to fit specific needs and availability.  Contact us to find out what we can offer you, or fill out the Application below.  

We meet the school bus every day, a block from our door. Kids get here by 3:30, have a snack, decompress from school, and pick something to do. We play games, read, draw, talk, dress up,  listen to music, or take care of our family of Bearded Dragon lizards. Roblox and Minecraft are popular computer games, limited to half an hour.  You can pick up your kids any time before 6. 

Fill out the Afterschool Application and schedule a time to come in with your kids to be amazed by what is here. 


Apple Tree welcomes volunteers of all sorts. Come help us with kids and share your skills at Apple Tree.


For adults looking to join the Apple Tree staff or Contract with Apple Tree to provide services or programming. 

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