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Our Tour is under construction. Please bear with us! Here are some of our highlights...

Front Living Room

Pull up a seat at the coffee table, the fish tank, or the game table. Strum a guitar, read a book, have a conversation, or chill. Our library of pre-reader books is here along with a zillion games and puzzles. Scrabble anyone?

The Front Desk


This is where we greet you. It has the business computer, office supplies, and materials.

Costume Room

Princess or knight? Jedi or superhero? Dress-up is one of the most popular activities at Apple Tree. Kids love our collection of costumes, masks, and jewelry for imaginitive fantasy play. Step in to our Costume Room and get carried away!

Room of Requirement

Named after the versatile, magical room at Hogwarts, this room is whatever we need it to be at the time. It has big tables, a large computer monitor and whiteboard, lots of seating, and rotating activity stations such as Legos, 3D printing, beading, sewing, and construction. The bead collection is here. Fabric, too. The Young Adult library offers hours, weeks, months of reading. Topical books about cooking, art, science, mythology, and more offer ideas for projects and activities.

The Glass Table

This one of our main gathering spots. Here's the coffee pot, a sink and fridge, comfy chairs. Use this space to talk, to meet, to teach, to eat.

Art Room

Art Saves Lives! Art is one of the most central human creative activities. At Apple Tree we want all of the art to happen! Our Art Room was equipped from a professional art studio. It has lots of tools and supplies for many creative projects - drawing, painting, building, folding, collage, paper-making. We love it when the Art Room is busy.

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