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Learning Follows Passion

We build our programs around the needs of each of our members. Below you can find a current sampling of the programs we're offering.

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We offer supervised and self guided programming.  Learn the language of coding, create mods for Minecraft, build apps, or even make your own game!  We use multiple programs like Scratch and GameMaker Studio to find a program that works best with each individual.

First Lego League

Practice creative problem solving and teamwork while using Lego to build robots capable of solving real world problems. Experiment with new designs and become a Master Builder!

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Explore the joy of gardening year-round. From starting seeds to tending a terrarium, planning a community garden to connecting with local farmers, Apple Tree's indoor garden provides a nourishing space for gardeners of all ages.

Arts & Crafts

Painting, collage, print-making, and more! We have a fully-equipped art studio with tools and supplies for a wide variety of activities. We also have a phenomenal collection of beads, jewelry supplies, and fabrics, along with the tools to use them.  

3d Printer 1.jpg

3D Printing

Imagine your favorite Harry Potter character, castle, chess set, or combination lock. Find it on-line and customize it. Then print it out in 3D. You can even design your own projects from scratch. Need a special Lego piece? Print it! How about a trophy with your friend's name on it. 

Computer Lab

Computers at Apple Tree are meant to be fun tools, not toys. We play games, write, program, and watch videos. Computer use is supervised. See our Computer and Technology philosophy here.

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Games and Puzzles

Games are a favorite at Apple Tree. Pull Clue, or Candyland, or even Risk, off the shelf and settle in with friends for some fun. If you prefer Jenga or Suspend, we have those too.  Or choose a puzzle game, a card game, 3D Tic Tac Toe, chess. If we get a critical mass we have our own Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons.


Fish, walking stick insects, and bearded dragons inhabit Apple Tree. Meet Benny, Flora, Rusty, Cinnamon, and others. They love your attention. We often have eggs incubating and baby lizards to hold and to care for. 

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